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How to stop binge eating

If you want to STOP bingeing, it’s time to STOP focusing on fat loss & dieting

I promise you - the restriction mindset is only making it worse!!!

I get it - you’ve been feeling out of control for a while so now you want to do undo the damage & lose the weight you’ve put on, BUT you’re also dealing with repeated bingeing episodes and you don’t know how to stop.

My friend, your cure lies in being content with your body & even some weight gain.

If you want to break free from the vicious cycle of restrict + binge + overexercise + restrict, you’ve got to take some time to recenter your mindset!!!

When you stop focusing on fat loss and start fueling your body with foods again a few things happen:

✅hunger cues return to normal

✅no foods are off limits so they don’t entice you as much

✅your hormones find their balance again

✅you restore a balanced relationship with food

And THEN (after a few months of not trying to diet), you can introduce a mild calorie deficit into your life and try again.