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Is dancing a good workout? Zumba, 305 fitness, and obe are put to the test!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Many women are loving the rising popularity of dance fitness. Rather than go to a crowded gym and try to squeeze in some sets between the men, dance fitness is revolutionizing the way women stay fit at home.

I decided to try 3 services: zumba, 305 fitness, and obe fitness.

Now, are these 30-60 minute dance workouts going to help you build a lot of muscle and look like a fitness competitor or fitness model? No. If you want to look like you have some solid muscle, you still need to put in the work of resistance training and strength training. However, are these workouts going to get your heart beating, your blood pumping, the sweat dripping, and endorphins skyrocketing? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Dance fitness is no joke when it comes to cardio. The music tempo helps carry a quick pace throughout the workout and you forget you're even trying to exercise. This is one of the great benefits of dance-fitness. For those of you who don't love to workout, you'll love this and find a lot of confidence in doing so.

Dance fitness has forced me to tune into my inner diva. We all have a performer living inside us, we just get dulled after years and years of being "embarrassed to be silly". So, take some time and really let loose!

Zumba: good for moms honestly. My mom loves it. Not too complex, latin-inspired, and a lot of sassy fun.

Obe: vanilla, but effective. I like a little more ~flair~ in my workouts

305 fitness: bomb dot com! I love the energy, music, and moves. There is no BS here. They have a ton of free videos on youtube as well.

So, the conclusion: I have my clients do dance fitness in place of things like elliptical, jogging, etc. I genuinely think it is a great workout to burn calories. I will say, you still need to lift weights to build more dense muscle tissue to really get an athletic-looking body, but you can compliment that with some fun dancing!

Like this content? I have a lot of FREE fat loss resources for you here, or you can reach out to work with me in my nutrition coaching and personal training programs.

-Leah Peters

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