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Is Soy Bad or Good For you? Research Proves Soy is GOOD!


What is soy? Well, it comes from soybeans...a type of legume.

It contains all essential amino acids we need + fiber and protein.

It's also found in edamame beans and tofu.

But why do people think it's bad?

Well, soybeans have a compound that is similar to estrogen.

And when people hear that they think "oh my gosh soy milk will make me grow boobs or get cancer."

But what's true?

“The Soy isoflavones do not bind to alpha receptors in the body (which causes the issue feared), instead it binds to beta receptors. This binding seems to help block the cell growth that’s part of the cancer process.”

Several studies highlight the positive relationship between soy intake and reducing disease risk.

In conclusion: enjoy your natural soy products (tofu, edamame, soy milk) and try to limit processed soy chicken nugget things. Soy is not harmful.

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