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Reasons Diets Fail and How To Succeed with Dieting and Weight Loss

How to fail-proof your diet and succeed with your weight loss plan!

How many times have you started a new diet?

With all the hype around low-carb, keto, intermittent fasting, and juice cleanses, I'll bet you've started new "diets" more times than you can count. Each one promising more drastic results than the last...except you never actually get to that part.

Have you ever asked yourself why that is? Why you have to keep starting over?

The answer is because those diets weren't made for YOU! Many diets involve cutting out certain foods or even entire food groups. Can you really imagine not having pasta or pizza for the next 6 months? That's not a diet I would succeed at. For me, I am most successful on an eating plan that not only hits my nutritional needs, but also my SOUL needs! I still need my pizza and wine! How about you?

As an 8 year nutritionist, I've discovered what causes diets to fail you (you don't fail them...they fail you), and how you can actually fail-proof your diet. Here are my top tips:

  • Make sure you actually like the food you're eating. If chicken and rice isn't your jam, don't include that in your plan. You gotta love what you do!

  • Incorporate treats into your daily calories. Don't just cut out all sugar, that's going to leave you with massive cravings. Instead, include a serving of a treat into your daily plan. You'll be so much less likely to binge on it later if you don't restrict it.

  • Baby steps are key! Very rarely do smokers quit cold turkey, so I don't expect you to quit every bad habit all at once. Focus on one habit change at a time!

  • Do not cut too many calories at once, or pull out all the party tricks at once. Start with a small deficit, then a few weeks later add in cardio, then a few weeks later cut calories a little more, etc. Successful weight loss takes a gradual approach!

  • Keep it simple & make it easy. Buy pre-cut veggies, rotisserie chickens, individual sized snacks, and easy to make meals. If everything you eat takes 30 minutes to cook, you're going to have a hard time resisting that bag of chips for a quick snack.

In a perfect world, the math of fat loss would add up and you could lose a pound a week, every week, just by cutting calories. However, there's a lot more that goes into it such as hormones, cravings, cheat meals, rest days, restaurant eating, muscle gain, bloating, etc. Weight loss is trial and error - it's not a linear slope downward.

So, when weight loss isn't cooperating, don't be so hard on yourself and definitely don't quit! You'll get to your goal as long as you don't give up.

When the plan isn't working, change the plan, not the goal.

With my expertise, you will get a personal nutrition plan to get you from point A to point B without massive restriction or setting you up for failure.That's just not my thing. I want you to succeed, and I'm going to help you make that happen!

Check out one of my clients after following her nutrition plan for 3 weeks!

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