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The 10 Weight Loss Coaches to Watch in 2021 from Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance. Best Weight Loss...

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The 10 Weight Loss Coaches to Watch

New York, New York, Feb. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We all want to have our dream body and fit into our perfect outfits, right? The harsh reality in today’s modern society is that it is easier than ever to gain weight - the fast-paced lifestyle leading many to choose fast food options, which compounds negatively over time. Fortunately, there are those who know the recipe to help you achieve your weight loss goals and sustain the results long-term - even for life. According to Boost Media Agency, the key to losing weight and keeping it off is working directly with a weight loss coach. Each with their own unique coaching styles and areas expertise, here we present the 10 weight loss coaches to watch in 2021.

Gina Livy (@ginalivy)

Gina Livy is an incredible weight loss coach who provides an effective program for people who want to improve their health and their fitness level. Her 12-week online program, Weight Loss by Gina, went live in 2018 and it found instant success. Today, the program has evolved to a group membership with a community of over 4,000 members. Gina started her coaching career as a one-on-one personal trainer, but then she decided to package her own program to reach more people and help them with their goals.

Weight Loss by Gina is one of the most comprehensive and effective weight loss programs available on the market and it’s available at an affordable price. Gina provides an option for people who want to lose weight in a healthy, affordable, and sustainable way. Additionally, people enjoy the program a lot because it’s not restrictive and the community is very welcoming.

Gina offers a weight loss program that’s very different from many of the other options out there. There’s no counting, measuring, or weighing of any kind, so people are not enslaved by numbers, and there’s also no deprivation. Instead, Gina explains why the body feels the need to store fat, focuses on fat loss, and creates an environment for the body to get that fat out. Her program also addresses food behaviors and associations so people can learn to be more mindful and more in tune with their bodies.

Leah Peters (@leahpetersfitness)

Leah Peters is an experienced industry-leading fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach who’s here to help people turn their life around and find wellness. She combines science-backed nutrition and training research with ancient wisdom to help clients improve their physical and mental health tremendously. She has created the Weight Loss Warriors™, which is a self-paced wellness program that provides a path for women to find ultimate fitness.

Leah provides evidence-based practices so each individual client will be able to unlock their inner power, find healing, and boost their confidence like never before. She has extensive experience in the field, which has allowed her to become so helpful for so many people. She holds a Master’s degree, multiple fitness, and nutrition certifications, and she’s also an award-winning athlete and retired national fitness competitor.

Her training approach focuses on education and personal development, not only on weight loss. She understands misinformation and unhealthy habits such as emotional eating or following fad diets can make a lot of harm, so she’s passionate about arming people with knowledge and helping them heal from the inside out. Leah knows how difficult it can be to balance fitness and other aspects of one’s life, so she wants to help others reach their healthy weight without sacrificing their happiness.

Christy Davidson (@christyleefit)

Christy Davidson is a weight loss and life coach who’s passionate about helping people lose weight without having to sacrifice the food they love or their happiness. Her approach to weight loss as a certified personal trainer has a great focus on mental health because she believes the mind and body are strongly connected, something she learned while studying psychology in school.

Weight loss can be challenging and difficult, but Christy wants people to actually have fun with the process. People’s fitness journey doesn’t have to be torture, it can be enjoyable and sustainable, and that’s the kind of weight loss experience she’s here to provide. She coaches people through group coaching programs such as The Glow Up Challenge, but she also provides one-on-one coaching. She’s also made sure to create a community in her private Facebook group where she can connect with everyone and people can support each other.

The Glow Up Challenge is a 6-week group program that’s different than other fitness programs on the market. It doesn’t only provide workouts to challenge the body, but also mental health challenges for the mind. Christy is happy to be helping people make real changes, so she’s excited to introduce The Glow Up Mastermind program in 2021 to level up and help her clients enter the next stage.

Sarah Pelc Graca (@Strong.With.Sarah)

Sarah Pelc Graca is the founder of Strong With Sarah. She is a successful weight loss coach who is passionate about helping her clients lose weight without having to give up their favorite foods or their joy for life. She believes every client is unique, so she thrives in creating customized nutrition, exercise, and accountability plans that are effective and bring people closer to their fitness goals.

Through her signature one-on-one coaching program, the Freedom With Food Formula, she and her team help people change their nutrition habits and create a more peaceful relationship with food by providing accountability, along with educational content and tools to create a healthier mindset. Sarah and her accountability coaches (Victoria Burgess and Cassie Evans) work with each client individually - empowering them to learn more about their thoughts and actions, which leads to sustainable weight loss.

Sarah provides convenient and flexible weight loss programs that are not created to add more stress to anyone’s life. Quite the contrary, they’re created to help people finally understand what it takes to lose weight in a straightforward way... Without any fad diets! She includes guidance and support every step of the way so it’s an enjoyable process, not a burden to bear. Between her website and her Instagram highlights, she has over 500 testimonials from clients who have successfully lost weight and kept it off long-term!

Barbara Orban (@nodietbabe)

Barbara Orban is a weight loss coach whose approach focuses on helping women change their relationship to food and their bodies as well. She created No Diet Babe to guide women through the process of weight loss without having to rely on low calorie diets that are often too restrictive and cause more harm than good. She teaches women to have a new perspective of food and helps them shatter all the unhealthy subconscious links they’ve created to food, that lead to self-sabotage.

Women who have been dieting on and off throughout their entire lives will find there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them and they’re able to shed weight without feeling hopelessness, guilt, or shame. Barbara is proud of helping women reach their dream weight and maintain it effortlessly by helping them change their habits and their mindset.

Through No Diet Babe, she offers private coaching and daily support as well as group coaching. She also has a 6-week course called Emerge that focuses on emotional eating and how to recover from it. She also has a podcast, the Manifesting Doll Podcast, where she combines psychology and the law of attraction to provide guidance and perspective. Barbara also has amazing subliminal audios to help her clients reprogram their subconscious mind and unlock their inner power.

Mika Pavy is a weight loss expert from Los Angeles with 8 years of experience in the fitness industry. She’s focused on helping people tone their bodies, lose stubborn fat, and enjoy amazing results they can maintain in the long-term to change their lives for good. When she first started in the fitness industry, there was an overload of information and it was difficult to separate the right from the wrong.

She understands better than anyone that there’s a lot of contradicting fitness information out there, so she is committed to teaching people the actual science behind how people’s bodies and minds work. This is how she has been able to help people have a deeper understanding and unlock their inner power to achieve the goals that once seemed impossible to reach.

Mika provides a blueprint and valuable guidance, strategies, and tools for people to reach their fitness goals ten times faster. Many of the solutions that often get so popular are only band-aids and they don’t approach the root of the issue. Mika does get to the bottom of it and focuses on fixing the problem at the root so people can get their bodies and health back. All this without suffering or giving up the foods that make people happy.

Lori Doddy (@lori.doddy)

Lori Doddy is the founder of Lori Doddy Lifestyle LLC and the creator of 5 TO THRIVE, a one of a kind 12-week weight loss program designed to teach professional, driven women unique methods for eating, exercising, reducing stress, and mastering the challenges of being female in high-pressure careers. She provides a customized approach very different from anything else on the market. It’s extremely effective and specifically designed to fit easily into any woman’s busy schedule.

Lori Doddy, Ph.D. has a 30-year career in education as a teacher, graduate professor, college dean, and Vice President. During most of her life, she battled eating disordered behaviors, yo-yo dieted, suffered debilitating migraines, and endured overwhelming stress. But 7 years ago, she hit a wall and was determined to find a healthy way to lose weight and manage the stress of a high-pressure lifestyle, which is common among professional women.

She managed to transform not only her body and mind but also her lifestyle while continuing to advance her career. On her quest, she found passion and purpose, and began coaching. Lori pursued nutrition and personal training certifications, and last year took her coaching career full-time. With her effective, unique program, Lori helps clients reach unprecedented success with massive weight loss and improved fitness levels, while advancing their careers and not sacrificing their health or any ambitions in life.

Kyle May is an online fitness coach and founder of Tailor Mayde Fitness, who’s 100% dedicated to helping busy men lose fat and keep it off without sacrificing their lifestyle. He knows what it’s like to struggle with weight loss because he has been through the process himself. During college, his weight reached 300 pounds and he had no confidence to speak of. He was lost, stuck in a vicious cycle, and he had no idea how to start getting his body back.

Eventually, he decided to take control and soon fell in love with fitness and weight training. Kyle turned his life around, shed all that weight, and built positive habits that allow him to be healthy and active. Today, he wants to help other men who are struggling to balance fat loss and a hectic schedule so they can reach their goals.

Kyle makes weight loss an enjoyable and incredibly educational journey that gives his clients resources they can use for a lifetime. He offers a pragmatic approach that focuses on helping people develop sustainable habits and helping them understand the root of the issue so they can take the right steps. Kyle’s weight loss program can be adapted to anyone’s lifestyle and it will be tailored to the needs of each individual so they can reach their goals with the support they need.

Dreia Walker (_cuttheweight)

Dreia Walker is a weight loss coach who is passionate about keeping others accountable towards their fitness goals. From her own experience with seeing the results real accountability can bring, Dreia has been able to transform countless lives throughout her journey.

Also an entrepreneur at heart, Dreia has multiple weight loss and fitness products to help you reach your goals even faster. Understanding that some people are restricted by time, she enables them to get the best results in the time they have at their disposal.

Knowing how much confidence you can gain from becoming your best self, it's no surprise Dreia is so passionate about her work. “As big as I used to be I never imagined my future self to be so confident. I never imagined my future self to overcome not loving myself. I just didn’t picture life any differently when I was 250 pounds” Dreia explains. If you’re looking to lose weight & build confidence, Dreia is your girl.

Lori Aloisio (@myhealthyandfreelife)

Lori Aloisio is a weight loss coach who’s passionate about health and well-being. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care, is a registered nurse in Finland, and an avid student of alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and nutrition. Through her job and all her studies, she noticed that Western medicine doesn’t address many important factors for overall health.

As she studied alternative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and nutrition, she became much healthier and she learned to lose weight in a way that worked for her and didn’t feel restrictive at all. During the same time, she also discovered the law of attraction and she realized she had been creating her reality since she was a child. Lori rediscovered her power and she also discovered a passion for helping people lose weight.

She had amassed all this knowledge about healthy living and she was ready to share it, something she couldn’t do freely while working as a nurse because there were guidelines to follow. That’s what led Lori to found Healthy And Free Life and she created the S.H.I.F.T weight loss method. She doesn’t provide a quick fix that provides results that don’t last. Instead, she helps people remove the source of the issue entirely and completely turn their lives around.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing weight loss coaches as they continue to help their clients reach their weight loss goals. Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together.

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