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Tips For Going From Weight Loss to Weight Maintenance!

Weight loss is hard, but you know can be harder? Keeping that weight off! Here are 3 tips to make the transition from dieting to maintaining much smoother:

Don’t diet too hard. If you get down to 1200 calories a day and you’re no longer losing weight, do not drop lower! This is a sign that your metabolism is in “starvation mode” and is trying hard to keep all the energy you give it. Instead, work with a coach (me😉) to reverse diet back to a healthy caloric intake. Don’t go crazy on the cardio!!! The body always adapts. Once you start doing 60 min cardio 7 days a week, your body will get used to that and you’ll have to keep up with it to maintain your weight. Instead, use cardio as a TOOL a few days a week! Keep it short, sweaty, and intense. Not long and monotonous. Don’t rely on supplements. Skinny teas and diet pills can seriously F up your natural metabolism. If you abuse them, your body won’t know wtf to do without them! Fat burners are also a tool, don’t use them for too long or your metabolism will rely on them to rev your engine! Maintaining your weight may sound simple, but its actually kind of tough once your metabolism has been messed with. Consult an expert when it’s time for you to keep the LBs off! Support + knowledge make a world of a difference! Looking for more in-depth knowledge? Reverse dieting, weight loss, and weight maintenance are all topics that I cover in Weight Loss Warriors! ENROLLMENT IS OPEN THE FIRST WEEK OF EVERY MONTH! Join the club and sign up for new fat-burning workouts, eye-opening nutrition lessons, metabolism-revving cardio, custom macro plans, and Private Coaching Calls. CLICK HERE to see the tentative schedule for what you’ll do & learn in WLW in your first few weeks!


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