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What does 1500 calories look like?

Here you can see 2 ways to hit 1500 calories. Most people aim for 1500 calories a day to start with weight loss, especially to learn where their metabolism is at.

As you can see, it doesn't really matter if you're eating traditionally "clean" or "unhealthy" the end of the day, calories matter much more. When it comes to weight loss, many studies show that regardless of high-carb, low-carb, keto, high-protein, etc, so long as there is a caloric deficit present, weight loss is consistent and evident.

What should guide your diet decisions though, is what can you stick to long term? What is something you can see yourself following for at least 3 months? Many people think of dieting as a "21 day fix", when in reality it takes a while to see lasting results.

If you prefer clean eating as a way to feel good about your nutrient quality and optimize your nutrient absorption/digestion, then go for that. However, if it's not realistic for you to do "clean eating", focus on counting your daily calories and making the foods you love fit those numbers.

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