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What I tell myself on bad body-image days. How I stay positive when I'm feeling bloated.

What I say to myself when I’m having a bad body image day👇🏻

If I’m having a particularly bloated day,

rather than falling victim to the:

“I need to lose some weight”


I try to combat my emotions🙇🏻‍♀️

with science🧬

I didn’t actually gain 3 pounds of fat overnight.


💧I am likely retaining water from:

💧high sodium intake,


💧poor digestion,


💧or more carbs than my body needed...

....but I don’t need to cut my calories or do 2 hours of cardio to make up for it (been there before, can confirm: does not play out well)

I just need to make better food, hydration, and movement choices, because I know I feel 🤘🏼incredible🤘🏼 when I do.

Nothing resets your motivation like wanting to get back to feeling your best!!!

What do YOU do & say when you’re having a bad body image day?

Does it tend to spiral 🌀, or can you nip it in the bud ✂️ pretty quickly? Comment below, let’s talk about it ↓ ↓ ↓

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-Leah Peters

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