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What Is Body Re-compositioning? How to Change Your Body Composition and Body Shape

Want to get more "in-shape" but not necessarily lose weight? Let's talk body re-compositioning!

Body Recompositioning means shaping your body with a better muscle to fat ration.

The more lean muscle & less body fat you have, the more fit you will appear and the more athletic your shape will be!

Maybe you're pretty skinny but you don't have noticeable muscle definition...


Maybe you're already fit, but you want to make a few specific improvements...


Maybe you just want to get more solid, but stay the same size...

It's like this...2 people can weigh the same but have totally different bodies because have different compositions!

But you know what is super cool??? You have the power to change your body composition (and it's not that hard!)

Also, keep in mind that if you're trying to lose weight, but the scale isn't moving, you might still be changing and going through a re-composition!

Signs of a re-composition:


-More noticeable muscle definition

-More full and round muscles

-Curvier (booty gains!)

How to do a re-composition:

-Calculate your maintenance calories (I can help with this, email me)

-Switch your carb to protein to fat ratio. Think 30-40% protein & carbs, 20-30% fats.

-Lift heavy weights 2x/wk- no easy stuff! But also include some hypertrophy days (less weight, more reps) 2-3x/wk

-Incorporate low intensity, steady state cardio (ex: 45 min walk)

-Ensure you are eating high quality foods that are wholesome and nourishing (foods from the Earth!)

-Monitor measurements, pictures, and weight weekly

Does this sound like something that interests you?! Let me know! If you need any guidance, I'm here.

And if you're dead serious about using this lockdown time to improve your body composition, but you're kinda on a budget, I've got something for you!

I run a monthly program called Weight Loss Warriors, and the doors are open today through April 7th! This program starts at just $20 a month and includes:

  • 5 Weekly weightlifting routines (home + gym options) for chest, shoulders, legs 1 & 2, and back!

  • Weekly nutrition lesson to teach you more about properly fueling and training your body for your fitness goals

  • Optional custom macro plan add on

  • Access to private WLW Facebook group for support

  • Monthly private success call (VIP only)

  • 3 HIIT cardio workouts per week (home + gym options) (VIP only)

Weight Loss Warriors is a super transformative program that will get you working out more consistently, challenge bad habits, give you a team cheering you on, and help you reach your fitness goals week after week.

Enrollment is only open for a few more days, so click here to learn more and save your spot!

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