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What Makes a Good Workout?

Are you spending countless hours working out, but not seeing results? I know how you feel!

Winging it with your workouts may work at the beginning, but sooner or later your body is going to hit a plateau. And that’s where strategy comes in.

When I first started working out consistently (2011-2012), I had NO clue what I was doing. I was just saving workouts from Pinterest and reading some magazines🤦🏻‍♀️! This mistake costed me so much progress! I could have gotten the same results in 3 months instead of a year if I only I knew what I was doing!

After months, I finally figured out that a solid workout (that is going to make real changes to your body) includes all four very important components:

  • Intensity: the difficulty of the exercise (heavy weights)

  • Volume: the total reps & sets you do in a workout

  • Time under tension: how long your muscles are stimulated and challenged

  • Heart rate elevation & fluctuation: higher heart rate burns more calories per minute, when balanced with recovery time.

Mastering those 4 areas skyrocketed my results (and in turn, my clients) because I was no longer just working out to get it done...I was finally working out with an intention that gave me quicker results!