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Why it’s so hard to lose the last 5 or 10 pounds & what you can do about it

Why it’s so hard to lose the last 5-10 pounds👇🏻(& what you can do about it)

Those stubborn few pounds are the difference between feeling squishy vs a lean stomach

🤰🏻Most of our critical organs are in our midsection, so naturally our bodies want to protect them with fat

Excess stress (of any kind, including eating foods that are inflammatory like processed sugars) also leads to an increase in cortisol and stress eating, thus belly fat

To get rid of the last layer, you’ll need to:

🥒clean up sugar / processed food intake

💪🏼eat more protein! <60g a day is not enough!

🏋🏽‍♀️incorporate more weight training to build muscle which burns more calories & gives you a tighter, more toned appearance

💧improve your gut health by drinking a lot of water (2+ liters), herbal teas (dandelion is great), & supplementing with high quality probiotics.

📈monitor your caloric intake closely!

Are you struggling to lose the last few pounds? If so, comment below what you think is keeping you stuck👇🏻

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Client featured in photo is a Daily Nutrition Client and these pics are about 14 weeks apart :)

-Leah Peters

Online Weight Loss Coach and Colorado Springs Nutritionist

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