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Why We Should Care about Stretching and Yoga Every Day!

WHY you should care about stretching EVERY DAY….

Do you take 10-20 minutes to come home to your body regularly? You must!!!

Here’s why:

A daily stretch creates space in your body.

When there is no space…nothing can flow. You need flow.

Studies have shown that daily muscle stretching combined with deep breathing will:

-decrease pain

-reduce tension

-lengthen muscles

-decrease depression and anxiety

It also just feels really good 😌

So grab your partner or pet, and do some stretching. Follow my 10 min stretch video.

Need help losing weight, speeding up your metabolism, repairing your relationship with food, and getting lean and limber? Contact me for weight loss coaching here.

Send this link to someone who needs to loosen up 😜

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