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Why You Are Getting Bulky and Not Leaner

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Ever wonder why your legs are getting thicker despite you eating "healthy" and working out?

It's not because you're lifting heavy...It's not because you aren't doing enough cardio...It's not because you're just "big boned".

Getting bulky is the result of one thing: eating too many calories.

If you wan't to get lean and toned, you need to focus on burning the layer of fat that sits on top of your muscles. This means you need to be in a caloric deficit.

Fat cells AND muscles grow in size when we intake more calories than we need to maintain our weight.

If you're finding yourself getting thicker instead of more defined, then a consistent caloric deficit is what you need to focus on!

So, how many calories should you be eating per day? That's very relative to your unique body, dieting history and lifestyle.