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Why you aren't losing weight. Top causes of fat loss plateaus.

In this specific example, someone may start to think they have a "slow metabolism" just because they aren't losing weight on their supposed diet.

If this person also happens to be petite and sedentary, 1710 calories is what they likely need to maintain weight, not lose it.

If you find yourself using the excuse of “I barely eat but I cant lose weight”, then I encourage you to spend 3+ days really paying attention 👀 to everything you put in your body📝

Now this is not an example of what you should eat per day in my opinion, I actually ask my clients to eat more food on a regular basis😂, but it could shed some light on why you aren't losing the pounds.

Share this with a friend 👯that would find this helpful :)

-Leah Peters

Colorado springs nutritionist and virtual weight loss coach.

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