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How To Balance Your Weekly Fitness Routine

Mixing it up is a crucial part of your fitness journey because the mind needs something new pretty frequently, and muscles adapt to stimuli quickly. Example: One week you may go slow, heavy and low reps, the new week you may go faster and work on your endurance and hypertrophy… Some weeks you may focus super hard on glutes, and other weeks focus hardest on shoulders. A well rounded training routine will build a well rounded body and there are endless options when it comes to ways to workout. Here are some ways you can mix up your normal gym routine: 1. Hiking - if you don’t live in an area with hills, throw some heavy books in your backpack to crank up the intensity. Pack water and music and have fun for an hour! Calories or "Cals" burned for a 150lb person: 300-400/hr

2. Dancing - whether at home (my preference) or in a dance class, dancing is a great way to work on flexibility, coordination, endurance and to get you more in touch with your body. I also recommend youtube searching dance workout videos to follow along with. Cals burned for a 150lb person: 300-400/hr

3. House cleaning - get down and dirty and move to music. With a quick pace and plenty of things to clean around your house you can get a good cardio workout in by “power cleaning” for an hour.