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How to Burn Fat

The Fat Truth About Fat Loss:

“I want to lose my belly fat”. A sentence that 90% of us have probably said at one point, and 100% of us have heard someone else say. When the idea of losing fat enters our minds, the first thing that seems to follow is cut my calories. Before you go slashing calories left, and right though there are a few things you need to realize about fat loss.

To lose “fat” or “weight” one obvious change needs to be diet. More importantly, there needs to be a caloric deficit (Less calories consumed than burned). What happens though when that is taken to the extreme? Is the number the scale shows us really depicting the truth on what our body is truly doing?

The fat storage allowed us to pocket away fatty acids that could be sent through the bloodstream to provide the gas our body needed to function when food wasn’t available.In the body everyone has fat cells, these little guys have the big duty of storing energy. Back in the good old days when food was “scarce” this worked well for humans. What happened then, and why does this no longer work for most humans? Well in today’s society food is EVERYWHERE, and with no sign of a zombie apocalypse due to our quaint living conditions we have now encountered a problem of obesity. With added fat cells, more work being done sitting, and less movement… we are creating a recipe for disaster.

In order to burn fat, we first have to get moving! Now it should be noted that does NOT mean hop on the cardio bunny train wagon. We need to create more mighty-mitochondria (energy powerhouses) easiest way to do this is through HIIT workouts or resistance training. Once we have more of these guys, we can allow the brain to signal our body to not only release the fat cells for fuel, but also limit making more of them!