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How To Stop Over Eating At Night


One of the biggest struggles when it comes to losing fat is the urge to eat junk food before bed. I get it, it’s the end of a hard day, you’re tired, you’re craving, you’re over it... But WHY does this happen? Well, our willpower is highest in the morning and as we make decision after decision throughout the day our discipline gets lower by the evening. I used to struggle with this really bad, hoarding all my macros for night time just so I’d at least stay on somewhat of a track... But eating more at night can lead to over-eating, lack of self control and poor digestion. So how do you stop? It’s a learning process for sure, but here are four tips that I think will help you: 🥣1). Prepare your main meals and snacks in the morning. Make all your decisions early in the AM so you don’t have to make as many spur-of-the-moment decisions later. 🥣2). Incorporate a daily treat. Actually put something you crave in your daily plan so you don’t feel deprived. Fear you’ll lose control by eating what you crave? Practice makes perfect. Challenge yourself with this one. 🥣3). Have a rule that the kitchen closes at a certain time. For me I turn out the lights, clean up and go upstairs at 7:30/8pm to symbolize that I’m done eating for the day. Having this mental “rule” also takes practice and discipline but consistency will make it easier with time. 🥣4). Have healthy late-night snacks easily accessible. A good option that is easy to digest is a protein + fat option (omit the carbs if you’ve already had enough that day). I.E.: yogurt & nuts, meat & cheese, protein shake & peanut butter, or egg whites & avocado. These snacks will keep you satisfied throughout the night and will be easy for the body to process. So what do you think? Easy enough? Let me know! What’s your favorite healthy late night snack that keeps you on track? Get individual nutrition advice by clicking HERE. Custom plans, feedback & guidance available to help you shed the pounds & stop stress eating without obsessing

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