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Scared To Invest in a Weight Loss Coach?

Investing in a coach is scary, I get it. But let me tell you something... My first competition prep...I had a coach (a free coach, but still some guidance). The recent shift in my business...I had a coach. Every emotional shift I've gone through...I had a coach. I currently...have a coach. Every life changing process I've gone through has had one thing in common...they were all fueled by the direction, accountability and the confidence of a coach or mentor. You go to the doctor when you get sick... You go to the hair stylist when you want a trim... You go to a chiropractor when your back is hurt... Why not go to a weight loss specialist when your health is on the line? Why not work with an emotional eating expert when your relationship with food is only getting more stressful? Why not take a chance on yourself and a coach to see what you're truly capable of? Do you fear you aren't worth the investment? I promise you, you are. Do you fear that money will be wasted? I promise you, it won't. Do you fear that if you spend money on coaching you'll have less money for other things? The universe rewards those who invest. So how much does coaching cost? Enough. Enough for you to get some skin in the game and hold yourself accountable. Enough for you to stick to your plan because the investment is an energetic transfer. Enough for you to finally stop your negative habits and commit to a coach that's going give you the tools to change your life. And you are worth ENOUGH. So take a shot on yourself. Invest in yourself.

The time is now and you don't know what you're missing until you try. There's a reason the coaching industry is blowing up right now, it's because there are a lot of people (me included) that have service based hearts and have a service that works. If you're scared to invest, I hear you. I know it's really nerve racking. But on the other side of fear and nerves is GREATNESS...always. Trust me when I say, you're worth this. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere, click the link in my bio and apply for my 12 Week Coaching Intensive. Much love, Leah

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