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How To Get A Grip On Emotional Eating

How To Get A Grip On Emotional Eating:

✔️Step One: Be Aware. Figure out which emotion is fueling your desire to eat. Is it loneliness? Boredom? Depression? Anxiety? How are you making yourself numb to an emotion by using food as a crutch? . ✔️Step Two: Stop Depriving Yourself. You must learn how to have only a few bites of your favorite dessert without just quitting your healthy eating habits and going all out on three slices of pie. . ✔️Step Three: Accept Mistakes. You're going to mess up. Days will happen when you under eat and then over eat, and we just have to learn from them. . ✔️Step Four: Keep trying. Every day is a new opportunity to fuel your body properly. When things get messy, and they will...simply try to make your next meal a little bit healthier and get some good momentum going. . ✨Bonus Step: Reach out for accountability and support. Our problems gain strength in secrecy. If you're ready to crush this habit once and for all, apply for my 12 Week Coaching Intensive so I can work one on one with you to heal your relationship with food. I'm ready when you are. . Much love, Leah

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