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What Is Emotional Eating?

How do you define emotional eating? What does that mean to you?

For me my definition is simple: emotional eating is the band aid we put on the real, uncomfortable feeling going on deep inside. Whether it's stress, loneliness, boredom or depression, food can be the drug we turn to instead of turning inwards. How many times have you reached for your too much of your favorite late-night snack despite a full day of mindful eating? How many times have you had to start over the next day because the night before got out of hand? How many times have you reached for something sugary instead of sitting with the discomfort you're experiencing? When will enough be enough? ✔️What if you could wake up and have a flat stomach that isn't bloated from last night's over-indulgence? ✔️What if you could be consistent with your eating habits, choosing healthy, nourishing food while still honoring your sweet tooth? ✔️What if you could finally drop the weight in a timely manner and feel slim and sexy again? ✔️What if I gave you every tool you need to be successful? Applications are open for my 12 Week Coaching Intensive: a private mentorship program where we break t