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3 Tips to Grow Your Glutes

How to grow a booty that won't quit...

Hey! I hope this message finds you well. I'll cut right to the chase, today I am sharing my top 3 tips to grow your glutes and tone up your rear end! I know the booty can be a stubborn area to define, but here are a few tips to help create a bubbly butt:

Tip 1) Do not...I repeat do NOT over do the cardio. The number one thing that saps away muscle from the booty is too much cardio. When we over-do cardio (ex: over 1 hour a day, every day), our muscles get flat and lose their filled out shape. A few sessions of HIIT and LISS a week should do the trick for you and help you lose the stubborn fat while preserving the desired muscle. DO include exercises like incline walking and the stair master.

Tip 2) Don't underestimate the power of small pumps. Doing micro movements in a "pulsing" fashion is scientifically proven to hypertrophy the muscle faster, resulting in better gains. Exercises like glute kickbacks, hip thrusts and squat pulses are all examples of micro movements that maximize glute building results. Try warming up for your heavy leg day with 50+ hip thrusts and your glutes will be much more engaged.

Tip 3) Feed the muscle. New muscle tissue isn't going to grow without an excess of calories. If you really want to build some curves, you may need to increase your calories by 250 above maintenance level in order to put on more muscle. If you are not in a calorie excess, you can still tone and define muscles through exercise and prevent fat gain with mindful eating.

And I'll leave you with my favorite glute workout...

-Banded Hip Thrusts 4x15

-Banded Squats 4x10

-Banded, Weighted Deadlifts 4x10

-Banded Glute Kickbacks 3x15

-Wall Sits 3x45 seconds

-Single Leg Hip Thrusts 4x10

Give that a try and your buns will be on fire!

I hope this was helpful and brought some cheer to your day, go get an awesome workout in! Remember that results don't come overnight, but they do come with consistency and patience. Keep going, you are going to get there.


Leah Peters

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